Asphacal TC

Asphacal® TC, protecting tack coats

Asphacal® TC is spread over tack coats to
prevent them from being damaged by the construction
traffic (tyres and caterpillars).
Maintaining the integrity of the tack coat aims to:

  • maintain the durability of the road structure
    as it has been proven that without a tack coat,
    durability is 3 to 5 times less
  • keep the area around the job site clean,
    leaving the construction equipments and
    neighboring road markings free of bitumen marks


The efficiency of Asphacal® TC has been shown in independent
studies concluding that the bond quality between layers remain
unchanged once Asphacal TC has been applied.

So, this data indicates that Asphacal TC is only active at
the time where construction traffic on the tack coat is relevant.

Field experience collected after the treatment of more than
10 million m² with Asphacal TC confirms this conclusion.

Asphacal TC is a micronised lime milk with a high concentration
of hydrated lime (45% by weight).
Asphacal TC is usually distributed in 1m³ containers.
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