Asphacal H

The solution for improving the durability of your hot mix asphalt.

Asphacal® H products offer the benefits of hydrated lime,
thereby improving the performance of your hot mix asphalt.

The use of hydrated lime as an additive for asphalt mixtures
has been proven successful for several decades and field
experience from European and American road managers
show that pavement durability is increased by 25%.

Increasing the durability of your surface courses means, above all:

  • Optimising the financial resources allocated to maintenance
    of the road network
  • Limiting the frequency and impact of job sites on the community
    and the environment
  •  Improving the safety and comfort of users

By interacting at the same time with the asphalt and the aggregates,
hydrated lime, the active substance in Asphacal H products,
has shown to be a truly multifunctional agent:

  • Improving the resistance to moisture damage of the mixes
  • Limiting the age-hardening of the asphalt
  • Improving the mechanical properties of the mixes

These results are supported by more than a hundred studies
from all over the world. For more details, click here.

Asphacal® H is a blend of limestone filler and hydrated lime,
in varying proportions according to need. The most common
products are:
Asphacal® H100 (100% hydrated lime) and
Asphacal® H75 (75% hydrated lime).

The hydrated lime and limestone filler that make up
Asphacal® H products are CE marked and comply with
the standards NF EN 459-1 and NF EN 13043, respectively.

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