Asphacal®, the solution for longer-lasting roads

As a road manager or as a member of the paving industry, you are always on the lookout for long-lasting and economical techniques.

To meet these requirements, the Lhoist Group has created the Asphacal® range, created from lime-based products and dedicated to road maintenance and construction.

To find out how you can extend the lifespan of your roads with Asphacal, click on the numbers below.

Asphacal® H

The solution for improving the durability of your hot mix asphalt.

Asphacal® TC

The solution for protecting your tack coats.


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Road network managers, both public and private, today face the same dilemma:

  • budgets for road maintenance are limited and are increasingly used for
    curative maintenance
  • good quality raw materials are becoming scarcer and more expensive, resulting
    in the search for a compromise between performance and cost.

At the project management level, there is an urgent need to find long-lasting and economical techniques to reconcile technical requirements with budgetary requirements on one hand, and sustainable development including user safety and comfort, on the other hand.

With this in mind, Lhoist, your partner for transportation infrastructure and construction management, has developed the Asphacal® range of lime-based products (hydrated lime, quick lime and limestone) to improve the durability of asphalt structures.